I’m Guillermo Aguilera Rodrigues

I am a Brazilian, Venezuelan and Portuguese designer, with an interest in carrying out innovative and interactive projects, in addition to carrying out projects that use design to improve people's lives, I believe that design as an important element in the evolution of our society. lover of good cafe, sport and futuristic project.

Main skills

  • 3D Architectural Visualization
  • Marketing, UI & UX Design
  • Product Design
  • Video Animation


3D Architectural Visualization.

3D Architectural Visualization

Asian Living Room

Asian living room: is a project created in 3D max software and rendered in Vray, with a modern Asian style, with various elements characteristic of Japanese Asian culture, Katana, tea and samurai paintings.


3D Architectural Visualization

Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room: Is a 3D Architectural Visualization made with 3Dmax and rendered in Vray, with a clean clasical modern style design.

Interactive 3D Architectural Visualization

Interactive Living Room

Interactive Living Room: Is a 3D Architectural Visualization made with 3Dmax and Unity game engine, in which the user can walk and interact with object like in real life, this allow to visualize how will be in real life.

Marketing, UI & UX Design

UI & UX Design

ABC Alphabet with animals

ABC Alphabet with animals: Is a interactive mobile application in which kids can learn the alphanet, learn to draw letters and learn the animal sounds, this UI & UX Design was designed for kids to have a possitive experience and maximize their learning process.

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UI & UX Design

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut: Is a application design in which the user can buy food online, choose their food with a attractive user interface with a comfortable user experience.



HP Blender reality Marketing campaing

HP Blender reality Marketing campaing: Is a creative marketing campaing in the promotion of their new all in one computer, this marketing campaing involve, e-mail marketing, Landing page, and customized website.



Microware, Windows, IBM Landing Page design

Microware, Windows, IBM Landing Page design: Is a Landing page design with the collaboration of Microware, Windows server and IBM, this landing page have the goal to promote product services and attract consumer.

Product Design

Product Design

The Farm Animals

The Farm Animals: Is the first augmented reality book in Brazil, in which combine physical book with augmented reality technology, this book have a adaptive graphical design for kids, also the interactive book have more than 8 3D and 2D realistic animals in which kids can interact with them and hear their sound like in real life and visualize them on top of each animals pages in agumented reality.

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image image

Product Design

Explore space with Laika

Explore space with Laika: Is a interactive educational book adaptive for autistic kids in which stimulate cognitive, motor and communicative improvement in autistic kids through the combination of physical book, Augmented reality technology and Virtual reality technology.

Video Animation

Video Animation

Microware Going Global

Microware Going Global: Is a animated Corporate Video made with after effects in the explanation of advantages in business with Microware and advantages of include Brazil in their scope of business.

Video Animation

Microware Corporate Video

Microware Corporate Video: Is a animated corporate video devided in 3 parts in which explaing about the company actuation in the I.T services and how Microware can help your company.

Video Part 1: link Video

Video Part 2: link Video

Visual Effects Video Animation


Transformer: Is a visual effects short film in which bumblebee a transformers character walk in the rio de janeiro beach, this fx film was made using after effects for motion tracking and composing, 3D max for 3D modeling, Maya for 3D animation and Vray for rendering.

Video Animation

Motion Services

Motion Services: Is a video animation made in after effects in which explain through a funny and creative way a motion services in which can promote your company.


08/2018 - 06/2020

Master Graphic Design

Ural Federal University. Ekaterinburg, Russia.

03/2013 - 02/2015

MBA Marketing

Fluminense Federal University. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

01/2007 - 10/2010

Bachelor in Graphic Design

Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin University. Maracaibo,Venezuela.


10/2018 - 5/2020

Software Engineer. Research Internship

Main activities: Research in the international academic field of innovation and development in graphic design.

Ural federal University. Ekaterinburg, Russia.

11/2012 - 6/2017

Marketing Analyst and Graphic Designer

Main activities: Corporate identity, Video 3D, 2D Animation, Promotional Materials, Direct Mail Marketing and Social media management.

Microware. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Graphic Designer

Main activities: Visual Identity, Promotional Video and Promotional Materials for the First Science Fair of the Institute of Geosciences "Awakening talents in oil, gas and biofuels".

Federal University of Para. Multimedia Communication Department. Belem, Brazil.

03/201- 11/2012

Graphic Designer and 3D Animator

Main activities: Visual Identity, 3D Animation and Modeling, Video Editing, Background Music and Adaptation of educational material for online learning platforms.

Federal University of Para. Multimedia Communication Department. Belem, Brazil.


Best master Student

Ural federal University.

Student Honor and Merit Awards

Art faculty - Ural federal University.

1 place - Best animation video

Ural federal University.

Language skills

English - Fluent
Spanish - Native
Portuguese - Native
Russian- Advance

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  • guillermoaguilerarodrigues@mail.com
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